How To Prevent Lip Gloss From Smudging?

When you apply makeup, you are always scared that it will smudge and spoil your look completely. To highlight the beauty of your face, you apply makeup. Foundation, concealer, compact, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, kajal and lip gloss are the basic makeup products that you use almost on a regular basis. 

When you apply a kajal and lip gloss, you are always worried. The only attempt is to keep it intact and on place.  

Makeup tips to prevent lip gloss from smudging: 

Apply less: The concept of applying lip gloss is to make the lips look fuller and juicy. If you want to highlight your lips after applying lipstick, make sure you rub minimal lip gloss. 

How To Prevent Lip Gloss From Smudging?

When you are just applying a lip gloss, see that you do not apply around the corner of the lips. Chances of smudging is more when you apply lip gloss out of the lip line. 

Apply skin foundation: Foundation is one product that makes the makeup last longer on the face and keeps it on place. To prevent the lip gloss from smudging around the lips, apply little foundation on your lips before putting the gloss. Take few drops of a liquid foundation on your finger tip and then rub on your lips. 

Powder: You can also spread little powder on and around your lips before applying a lip gloss. This is one simple makeup tip that can be used even before applying eye makeup and kajal. Powder keeps the makeup steady and doesn’t allow sweat to smudge it. You can also mix rice powder with powder and apply around your lips. Wait for a minute to let it absorb the moisture. You are ready to flaunt your lips. 

Wear a lip liner: Many women think that you do not need a lip liner for applying lip gloss. If you want to highlight the shape of your lips and make it look juicer, apply a lip liner. This will also make your lips appear fuller and prevent the gloss from smudging. These are few makeup tips to prevent lip gloss from smudging. Care for your lips as chapped and cracked lips look unclean and ugly. Moisturise your lips with a lip balm to keep it soft and pink.

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